About Us
To promote the Restorative Movement in Singapore through partnerships.
Towards a healthy community where relationships matter and are related
Who We Are
Restorative Practices Singapore, is a Social Enterprise that was started with the mission of promoting the Restorative Movement in Singapore. We hope to reach out to institutions within our society and build a sense of hope through restoration and compassion for all individuals.RP Singapore has been integral to the promotion of Restorative Practices (RP) to schools in Singapore. We are the only training agency engaged by MOE to conduct trainings in Restorative Practices. We have trained over 80 schools in Singapore on the philosophy / ideas and tools of Restorative Practices to build relationships and manage conflicts.
What We Do
We support schools by providing consultation, training and resources to equip them in their RP journey. Schools have approached us to share their implementation strategies and we have guided them accordingly.Our Sister Company, Relational Resources (provide links to Relational Resources) was set-up to provide resources to support the restorative movement and Non-Profit Organization, Society of Restorative Community was set up to help promote the awareness of the restorative movement
RPS Conceptual Framework
Our training programs are developed with the following framework