Training for Teachers
Discipline – Restorative Practices
Restorative Justice is based on Restorative Practices (RP) values and ideas. There are many tools that help to repair the harm done and restore relationships when an offence occurs. It acts as an alternative to punitive punishment and gives schools more options to deal with students adopting a “Teachable Moment” concept while building the Social Emotional Competencies (SEL) of the pupils.

Schools that have adopted RP have realised that the deterrent element in doing discipline is not lost. Asking the pupils to fix the harm done (restitution, accountability and resolution) in a comprehensive way acts as a more effective deterrent that pupils, parents and society can accept and understand.
1 day Level 1 training on Restorative Practices / Restorative Justice
This is a 2 half days / 1 full day training for classroom / discipline teachers. It gives the participants grounding on Restorative Practices philosophy ideas and tools. The individual script and Small Group Conferencing (SGC) – scripted model will be covered.
2/3 Level 2 training on Restorative Practices (RP) / Restorative Justice (RJ)
Training covers Community Group Conferencing (CGC) which allows for the engagement of stakeholders (teachers, parents, relatives) to manage difficult situations. This hands-on training also allows for a deeper understanding of the application of RP in a whole school context. The 3rd day, training will cover the implementation issues for a school adopting a whole school approach.

“Gives an insight, challenges our ideas on discipline and classroom management” – Bendemeer Secondary School

“I cannot go back to what I was doing, now that I know Restorative Practices” – Yuying Secondary School
Build Relationships – Circles Training
Some school prefers to introduce RP to their schools through curriculum and teaching. The Relational Teaching Framework (RTF) incorporating Circles and RP has been adopted as a pedagogical tool not only to cover SEL competencies and life skills but Instructional Procedure subjects like Maths, Science and English. Every RTF lesson is a relationship building experience. By the end of the training, participants would be able to prepare a lesson based on the Relational Teaching Framework.
2 days training on Circles and Relational Teaching Framework (RTF)
This training provides an in-depth knowledge for participants on the use of Circles in school curriculum. It explores the link between Circles, Restorative Practices and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Participants will have an opportunity to explore the use of Circles and RTF as an effective Curriculum tool. Issues related with employing Circles as a school wide Curriculum / pedagogical tool will be covered. The use of Circles as a therapeutic tool for use with groups- E.g. At Risk Pupils Counsellors will find the training useful to manage groups.
1 day training Circles and Relational Teaching Framework (RTF)
This whole school teachers’ training gives an overview of Circles and how it can be used as a pedagogical too to effectively manage classroom teachings and relationships.

“It’s a philosophy, idea, tools that effectively builds relationships and creates a conducive environment for learning” – Teacher, Xishan Primary School.

“ Simple, easy-to-use tool that engages everyone and achieves SEL competencies naturally. “ – Principal, Primary School
Whole School Approach
Some schools after embarking on the RP journey for a while reach a tipping point where they wish to embrace RP as a whole school culture. In such a culture, staff appraisal, staff meetings, school projects, staff and student feedback and parent teacher meetings are all done using a restorative approach. Such an approach does not require a change in the content but what is different is how we engage stakeholders and review the areas.
1 Day Training for Core Team on Implementation
What are the issues with a whole school approach? What can we learn from the experiences of other schools? How do we get buy-in from staff? How do I evaluate the effectiveness of Restorative Practices? Get answers for these questions and more in this one day training programme for Core Team member.
1 Day Training on Expanding the Paradigm
We cover themes like: Restorative meetings, Restorative Parent Teacher Meetings, Restorative Appraisal systems and much more.