Training for Students
Effective Leadership & Communication
1 day training for Student Leaders
This 6 hours programme covers Restorative Mediation Skills, Conflict Resolution & Effective Communication and complements the training of teachers. Adopting ideas from Non-Violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg – www.cnvc.org ), student leaders will understand the importance of effective communication and aspects of relational leadership.

On other trainings for students and schools, please download Restorative Practices (RP) Curriculum for Schools.

Student, Beatty Secondary School
At-Risk Programs under School’s Time Out Program
WhytryTM & Relational Circles – Intensive At-Risk Workshop or Motivation Program
A 5 to 7 session program that covers topcis such as Decision Making & Consequences, Peer Pressure, SUpport System, Motivation, Desire Time and Effort. It is taught in a way kids and youths will understand, through music, journal, art and kinestatic actitivites.

A very popular program that can be used as a motivation program for whole class or an Intensive program for selected group of students. Click here for the brochure.