David is the Director of Behaviour Matters, a consultancy dedicated to providing training and leadership in Restorative Practices across all educational sectors – to get the best out of what they do, by improving the way people relate to each other.

His style is engaging, humorous, and honest. David provides practical examples and uses storytelling in his training. His wide experience of school organization and management culture allow him to apply best practices to policy and processes which result in increased learning outcomes, safer schools, and improved relationships.

A recognised world leader in the development of Restorative Practices, he has trained teachers and administrators in Singapore and Australia and more recently in Japan and Brazil. David has expanded the application of RP to tackle cyber-bullying and problems arising from social networking across a diverse range of school communities. As a teacher and counsellor working in a range of international schools, David applies RP daily in his classrooms.


Gowri  is an MOE trained & experienced educator.After teaching ,she left the education sector to pursue a degree in Sociology in New Zealand. Upon completion of her degree, she returned to Singapore in 2007 and has been actively involved in the teaching and counselling scene since. Apart from being a Project Teach Tutor at SINDA for 8 years, Gowri has also been tutoring and counselling students with learning disabilities. Reaching out to at-risk students has always been a passion of hers. She has a strong desire to empower the lives of people from all walks of life especially the disadvantaged groups and fervently believes that a rewarding career is one that brings benefit not only to her but to others as well.


Ayuri is a very open and straight-forward person which is why students can relate well with her.She believes in letting students enjoy the journey of learning so her lessons and workshops are often fun-filled and meaningful.

Given her 9 years of experience working with children and teens of different backgrounds,she can guide students to develop their fullest potential and to acknowledge their unique talents.She has been to various primary and secondary schools to conduct different programmes and received positive feedbacks from the students. She has been doing the WhyTry training and is well sought after by schools.


Kavita is a very passionate trainer and has been conducting training over the past 5 years in many different primary and secondary schools. Being a mum of 2 boys who have studied in Raffles Institution, she is fully aware of the education system and the supports the students to excel both academically and emotionally. She is very well versed in the area of Restorative Practices, Strengths, Study Skills and Relational Circles.

She connects well with her participants and builds a positive connection with them. She can guide students and adults to develop their fullest potential and to acknowledge their unique talents.She also believes in letting them enjoy the journey of learning so her lessons and workshops are often fun-filled and meaningful. She has been doing relief teaching over the past 9 years in various schools in Singapore. Trainings she has conducted include Relational Circles, Strengths, At-risk student programmes, Leadership trainings, Enrichment trainings, Restorative Practices Trainings and many more. 


While pursuing her ACTA course from IAL, Singapore, Reena started working as Trainer for a variety of School Enrichment programmes. She thus honed her training skills and experience with students from different age groups. Till now she has delivered training programs in over 50+ Primary, Secondary and Polytechnic schools in Singapore on Financial Literacy, Life Skills,Career Readiness, Leadership, Public Speaking, Communication skills,Debating skills, Project/Event Management and Service Learning.

With high capacity for learning and self-growth and with her excellent oral and inter-personal skills, Reena has gained much appreciation and very good evaluation ratings for her exemplary classroom engagement skills from her mentors, students and school teachers in the recent projects that she has spear-headed.

Reena hopes to translate her experience into more similar training projects hoping to tap on the huge potential in our youth and empowering them to become successful innovators, leaders and speakers.

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