Upcoming Events

1.Introduction to Restorative Practices Workshop  
21 January 2020
Workshop Objectives/Learning:
  • The various tools in RP -Proactive & Reactive 
  • How relationships can be enhanced through RP
  • How to incorporate RP and apply it to build Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies
  • Using Visual resources to support the delivery of RP conferencing

2.Classroom Management Workshop for Beginning Teachers & Mentors Supporting BTs by Dr Sue Roffey  

21 February 2020 
Workshop Objectives/Learning:
  • Focusing on what you can change rather than what you cant 
  • Strategies for establishing positive teacher -student relationships
  • How to teach the behaviour you want
  • What to do and say in a challenging situation
  • How to conserve emotional energy and stay resilient

3.Restorative Practices -Sustaining Positive Discipline in School  Workshop by David Vinegrad 
11 & 12 March 2020 
Workshop Objectives/Learning:
  • RP Philosophy, Values and Principles
  • Research on Neuroscience towards Restorative Practices
  • Positive Education and Positive Psychology
  • Learning and Developing Discipline approaches with less reliance on punishment
  • Sustaining and Strengthening respectful Relationships within the Classroom and School

4.Half day RP Implementation
24 March 2020
Workshop Objectives/Learning:
  • Strategies on how to implement RP in school practices 

5.RP & Special Needs Workshop
7 April 2020
Workshop Objectives/Learning:
  • Understanding Special Needs children in the classroom
  • Challenges with Behaviour Management of Special Needs children
  • Using case studies as examples of practice on Positive Management