Upcoming Events

Fostering Growth Mindset using Strengths Approach 
20 September 2019 
Workshop Objectives/Learning:
  • Understanding the Strength Approach in Students
  • Examining Fixed and Growth Mindset in Students
  • Using Strengths to Develop & Sustain Growth Mindset in School
  • Developing Diversified Thinking with Growth Mindset

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Restorative Practices -Sustaining Positive Discipline in School  Workshop by David Vinegrad 
13 & 14 November 2019 
Workshop Objectives/Learning:
  • RP Philosophy, Values and Principles
  • Research on Neuroscience towards Restorative Practices
  • Positive Education and Positive Psychology
  • Learning and Developing Discipline approaches with less reliance on punishment
  • Sustaining and Strengthening respectful Relationships within the Classroom and School

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Bullying Prevention & Intervention Workshop by David Vinegrad
15 November 2019 
Workshop Objectives/Learning:
  • Developing a bully-free programme
  • Conflict resolution and its role in prevention
  • Building empathy through understanding  the impact of Cyber, physical, verbal & social bullying
  • Strategies for handling bullying incidents
Relational Circles Workshop
19 & 20 November 2019
Workshop Objectives/Learning:
  • Understanding the Concept & Framework of Relational Circles
  • Demonstration and Experience of a Circles Session
  • Understanding how Relational Circles framework can be integrated into FTGP,CCE ,CCA and IP Lessons
  • Planning a Relational Circles Lesson
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