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justice (rj)

RJ gives victims a greater voice in the criminal justice system and allows victims to receive an explanation and more meaningful reparation from offenders. It makes offenders accountable by allowing them to take responsibility for their actions. Studies have shown that RJ approaches can reduce post-traumatic stress disorder in victims and in some cases, motivate offenders to turn away from a life of crime. RJ is may seem soft but in truth, many offenders find it extremely difficult to face up to the impact of their crimes. This training is aimed at those who are dealing with the Justice System such as Police, Prison, Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), Juvenile Justice and others. It is based on the core conduct of Restorative Justice (RJ) Conferences. The trainings will focus on equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to work in a social setting. There will be a combination of lectures, role plays and practices intended to provide the knowledge and skills required to run conferences effectively. The modules are intended to be highly interactive and practical.​

  • Level 1 Training on Restorative Justice (RJ)

This is a 2 half days / 1 full day customized training for persons involved in the juvenile/ criminal system. It will introduce the RJ philosophy, principles and values and show the contrast between Restorative and punitive ways of managing wrongdoing. It will allow those involved with young offenders and criminals to communicate in an affective way and help in their rehabilitation Participants will be able to facilitate session with offenders for them to take responsibility for their actions. Depending on the nature of work of participants, different tools will be introduced.

  • Level 2 Restorative Justice (RJ) Training

Upon the completion of the workshop, participants will learn to have a better appreciation of RJ and the use of conferences (scripted model). The various applications of conferences (example sessions with offenders and stakeholders-parents, employers) will also be covered.

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