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signature student series

Relationship Management for Student Leaders

  • Peer Mediation & Conflict Resolution

A programme that prepares students to be peer mediators to help resolve conflicts among their peers.Thisallows students to learn the procedures, skills, and attitude required to resolve conflicts constructively in school.

  • Peer Support Buddy

A programme that guides students in establishing healthy relationship by helping their peers who are going through social and emotional challenges.

  • Strengths Approach

A programme that guides students in discovering their strengths and using it learn and grow.

  • Restorative Leadership

Learn importance of positive relationships, manage conflicts using affective statements, RP script, strength-based approach & relational circles.

  • Relational Circles Facilitation

Build strong student-student relationships using collaborative & inclusive learning.

  • Transition 

A programme that equips students with the knowledge, skill sets, coping strategies, knowledge and resources to ensure a smooth journey to Secondary school.

Time Out Programme for Challenging Students

  • WhyTry & Relational Circles: Gear-up & Motivation Programme

To reduce truancy, improve behavior & academics using Solution Focused Brief Therapy, social & emotional intelligence & multi-sensory learning.

Introductory Video :

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