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signature student series

Relationship Management for Student Leaders

  • Peer Mediation & Conflict Resolution

A programme that prepares students to be peer mediators to help resolve conflicts among their peers.This allows students to learn the procedures, skills, and attitude required to resolve conflicts constructively in school.

  • Peer Support Buddy

A programme that guides students in establishing healthy relationship by helping their peers who are going through social and emotional challenges.

  • Strengths Approach

A programme that guides students in discovering their strengths and using it learn and grow.

  • Restorative Leadership

Learn importance of positive relationships, manage conflicts using affective statements, RP script, strength-based approach & relational circles.

  • Relational Circles Facilitation

Build strong student-student relationships using collaborative & inclusive learning.

  • Transition 

A programme that equips students with the knowledge, skill sets, coping strategies, knowledge and resources to ensure a smooth journey to Secondary school.

Time Out Programme for Challenging Students

  • WhyTry & Relational Circles: Gear-up & Motivation Programme

To reduce truancy, improve behavior & academics using Solution Focused Brief Therapy, social & emotional intelligence & multi-sensory learning.

Introductory Video :

  • Self-regulation Programme

Self-regulation training focuses on empowering individuals to regulate their emotions, behaviors, and cognitive processes effectively. The emphasis is on fostering self-awareness, self-monitoring, and self-adjustment, enabling individuals to adapt to various challenges and optimize their performance. This training typically incorporates strategies to enhance emotional intelligence, stress management, goal-setting, and time management skills.

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