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Restorative Practices(RP)- Discipline Process

Restorative Justice is based on Restorative Practices (RP) values and ideas. There are many tools that help to repair the harm done and restore relationships when an offence occurs. It acts as an alternative to punitive punishment and gives schools more options to deal with students adopting a “Teachable Moment” concept while building the Social Emotional Competencies (SEL) of the pupils.Schools that have adopted RP have realized that the deterrent element in doing discipline is not lost. Asking the pupils to fix the harm done (restitution, accountability and resolution) in a comprehensive way acts as a more effective deterrent that pupils, parents and society can accept and understand.

  • Introduction to RP Training

RP philosophy & tools for school discipline, teaching, restorative practices, social emotional learning and  relational circles.

  • RP for Whole School Training

Manage classroom teachings & relationships through behavior & conflict management tools as well as using affective statements & engaging students in the RP process.

  • RP Facilitation Skills Training

To  guide & support RP conferences with adults and/or students to resolve conflict, provide effective solutions & create harmonious relationships.

  • RP & Bullying Training

To understand & manage bullying through RP Anti-Bullying framework: using practical strategies & solutions to address, counsel & reduce victims.

  • RP & Special Needs Training

To understand & manage  Special Needs through RP Special Needs framework: using practical strategies to address challenges, implications and working on real-life cases with guidance on implementation & sustained success.

Relational Circles (RC) -Building Relationships

Relational Circles is a pedagogical tool for teaching content(IP and non IP) while building healthy relationships and developing social/emotional skills in students. It promotes a positive emotional environment for learning. 

  • RC Whole School Character Development

Strengthen teacher-student relationships, build positive classroom culture, through RC in class & CCEs.

  • RC Whole School Pedagogy


Build strong teacher-student relationships & learn how to use RC in IP lessons.


Strengths Approach

Strength based approach shifts the mindset from deficit to strengths. It guides on discovering students’ strengths and using it learn and grow.

  • Strengths for Whole School

To improve & sustain the success of having a Strengths based culture for teaching & learning.

  • Strengths for KPs

To improve & sustain the success of having a Strengths based working culture with colleagues and subordinates.

other types of training:


Restorative Practices

Relational Circles



Relationship Management-Peer Mediation/ Peer Support 

Relational Circles Facilitation


Time-Out: Motivation & Resilience 


Restorative Practices & Relationship Building

Positive Communication


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